About Us

A Gamers Grind is a passion and self-education project by host and owner Trent (Alias XARDONIAK)

Trent has been hosting game servers, primarily Minecraft, since early 2019, under branding "XARDONIAK And Friends Gaming Network", XFGN for short. The Original Minecraft server, named RPGCraft, was a small server with a dedicated player-base of close friends. Trent used his Twitch community to bolster its player-base.

XFGN expanded to hosting some dedicated Insurgency Sandstorm servers, including a modified server that had a PvPvE that Trent discovered accidentally.

XFGN has also hosted various GMOD, Rust and Valheim servers over the years.

In 2023 we decided a rebranding was needed and bought AGamersGrind.com


Owner & Host


Chief Mental Support & Treat Officer